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Warm Winter Night
I can feel it in the air.
The electricity...
The buzzing...
There's no sound, but I can feel it.
It's night, and the stars are out,
But it's as light as day...
Or at least it was;
The light is gone now,
But I can still see my shadow in the sand.
My hair starts to dance in the night sky.
The wind is picking up...
A hot wind...
Hotter than a desert wind should be.
The heat; I can't breathe
I can't move
Like I'm frozen in a sea of scorching wind.
The wind dies down,
And I can finally move forward,
And as I do,
I come upon a glass landscape.
Green glass...
It's night, and the stars are out.
And tonight, I made my own star;
I made a mushroom grow in the desert,
Where all that exists is death,
And all that will ever exist will be death.
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Mystical Midnight Dream
Mystical midnight dream
A purple twilight sky
And a deep green forest below
Purple satin and silk
Floating through the green brush
Green like new life at night
I dream in purple
The nighttime sky
A wise wizard
A regal king
I awake in green
Blossoming flowers in the sunrise
Green buds bursting to life
In the early morning light
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Forceful Feeling
A G clef?
A C sharp?
I see nothing but lines and circles
Nothing but odd shapes and random numbers.
This isn’t music
This sonic experience
Cannot be written like a book
It can only be felt
In your mind; in your heart.
The music flows from my imagination
To my fingertips
Like dam, bursting apart
And releasing a river of sound.
F sharp scale
Pentatonic minor
That isn’t music to me
I don’t see letters;
I see guitar strings.
The feelings flow through my hands
And through my instrument
Instead of onto a page
Six years have ruined me
Six years of playing my way
Of feeling the music
Of living the experience
The music is inside of me
But it isn’t too late
I can decode that foreign language
And learn to speak like a musician
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The Turtle
A quick glance
On a lakeside shore
Reveals nothing but rock
Rock, and grass, and sand
But that rock there,
It’s moving
Moving slowly across the shore
Hidden by the wet sand
Sand, and a knob of a head
Juts out of the rock
With little knob legs
And a pitiful knob tail
Twigs crack in the sand
And it turns back into a rock
All of its knobby appendages
Hidden under its rock shell
Hidden, taking its time
Making sure it makes the right moves
Rock, and sand, and shell
Does it still have
A concept of time?
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Bus Fare
Exhaust fumes
And the roaring of the engine
Her lips mouthing words
That I cannot hear
Over the monotonous rumble
Of the engine
She’s the last passenger
Holding everyone else up
Her arms full of shopping bags
Trying to retrieve her bus fare-
One dollar, fifty cents
The bus driver waits
Tapping his fingers against his thigh
The quarters fall from her hand
The machine swallows them whole
The dollar sliding in soon after
And she makes her way
To the back of the bus
To my part of the bus
To my own little sanctuary
She sits down next to me
The shopping bags rustling
Her clothes smelling
Of musty cigarette smoke
Her head turns to me
And over my blaring headphones
She asks
“Do you have a dollar,
Or some quarters, for bus fare?”
I shake my head “No”
She looks disappointed
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The Great Debate
He can't hear
When you talk to him
                                                      He's still human!
                                                      It’s a sin!
Thump, thump, thumping
Goes his little heart
                                                      It's inhuman!
                                                      Sanctity of life!
Common myths
On both sides
What is right?
What is wrong?
Who choos
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I Am the Sea
I can’t tell where
The sea ends
And the sky begins
Three days, maybe four
And nothing but the sea
Nothing but the ebb and flow
Of the gentle blue waves
The water pushes up
Against the hull of the boat
Rocking my senses
From side to side
My thoughts flowing
Into the sea
Like a river into an ocean
All sense of right and wrong
Leaves my body
There is no right or wrong
Just blue
Just the rocking of the boat
And the creaking
Of the wood
I lay down
Rolling with the rocking
Becoming one with the sea
My eyes slowly shut
All sense of thought
Completely leaving my body
I’m the sea, and the sea is me
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Your Wish
You plunged in the knife
And wanted to see
What it was like
To feel no misery
The touch of the gun
Metal to your head
The tingling sensation
Of wanting to be dead
The flash, the bang
The smell of sulfur
Everything nonsense now
Your life almost over
But your wish for death
Won’t be fulfilled
Not until it becomes
Death’s undeniable will
Why give it up?
Why throw it away?
If you live your life
You’ll have the final say
Let the wind blow your hair
And the sun warm your face
By the end of your life
You’ll have finished your race
And you can greet Death
Like an old, familiar friend
And see what it’s like
To go quietly into your end
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The Pool
It's a cold night
Cold and dark
And it's only 6:00 pm
The cold fall breeze
Brushes my face
And throws my hair all around
This forest is endless
I can't even remember
How I got her or when I started walking
No sign of civilization
No sunlight
Just trees
The wind picks up again
A little stronger now
Forcefully swaying the trees
And for a split second
The trees part
Revealing a small clearing
I race ahead
Adrenaline rising
Excitement pooling in the pit of my stomach
I burst through the branches
And my excitement turns into surprise
As I stop and skid to the edge of a small, clear pool
I slide right in
The cold water soaking into my skin
Icy cold daggers
Sinking into my flesh
I crawl out slowly
Shaking violently
My clothes sticking to my skin
I can't bring myself to stand
So I curl up in a ball under the nearest tree
And try to warm up
*Blackout, crickets chirping, trees swaying in the wind*
A twig snaps and my eyes jolt open
It's dark; really dark
It takes some time for
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Set Me Free
Set me free
On my wings
Of silky gold
Cut me loose
Into skies heavenly
And dreams foretold
My freedom, I crave
To start my life anew
To grow happy and old
Set me free, my love
And let me see
The wonders my life will behold
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Seeing Inside Myself
I've shed my last tear for you,
You're all but gone,
From my life
                         Come Back!
                         I need you,
                         You're a part of me
I'm moving on,
From the love we shared,
I dare not look back
                         I don't want to live,
                         Without you,
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So a couple of days ago, I decided to read over some of my old poetry that I've posted here. I don't know what made me do it, as I've always felt pretty apprehensive reading things that I've written. But I decided to bite the bullet and read a few pieces. And I really liked what I wrote; I really liked the images that my writing gave me, even though a lot of the original meaning behind the poems has been lost to me. It's like rediscovering a different period of my life, but instead of participating in it, I'm part of the audience.

I like my old poetry so much that I've decided that I want to start writing again. I would like to improve my technique, and actually learn the art of writing poetry, as opposed to just flying off the cuff when inspiration hits. It will probably be a very irregular thing, but whatever I write will most likely end up here on DeviantArt.

That's pretty much it. Thanks for reading, and be on the lookout for any of my new poems in the coming future.


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Thanks for the favorite on my poem! I'm glad you like my poetry. I haven't written any in a while ( Warm Winter Night was my last) but I have been trying to work my way into creating music, so if I write any lyrics, I'll be sure and post them here.
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